City of LA's 2015 destruction of Ave 34 1984 Toxic Dumping Litigation Files

In 2015 CITY OF LA Destroyed Litigation Files Re: 1980's Dist. Attoney's Toxic Waste Strike Force Cases. Destroyed case files related to Toxic Waste Dumping cases that predated DTSC 1980-1991. That is why the City of LA has no record of AVE 34  (which was a Toxic Waste Strike Force case). These files were destroyed in late 2015 the same time the Ave 34 EIR was Approved. Citing no recollection of the 254 barrels of toxic waste buried in underground caverns that all leaked out in 1984 that was prosecuted by the city atty in a landmark case that sent the Ave 34 American Caster Corp CEO's to Jail for Toxic dumping and made them take a full page ad out in the LA Times for $15k to publicly shame themseles to warn other dumpers of their fate- the city chose to omit key information. Fast Forward to 2022 the City of LA has no recollection of that case and neither does DTSC. If you want to remember things, you must not intentionally Destroy Records.  In the images below, which were taken from the LA City Clerk Records Management Division /Disposition (record destruction) website, the Litigation cases are alphabetically listed per box contents - which were shredded. Pretty certain American Caster Corp is in there. Considering the city atty sent almost all the Toxic Waste Strike Force files to the shredder in 2015 (of which this is one- it is most likely included) * as annotated in red on the attached images . These are all Environmental Toxic dumping cases from the 1980's before DTSC Existed. Most on the East side.***** Lincoln Heights, Ave 34, Avenue 34, Across the street from Hillside elementary,  DTSC, EPA, Barry Groveman, Toxic Waste Strike Force,  Lincoln Heights Intel, Toxic Waste, Toxic Dumping,  American Caster Corp, East  Northeast Economic Development Corp, Gloria Molina, Model Cities, American Caster Corp,  141 w. Ave 34, 1984,  254 Barrels toxic waste,  Eric Ortiz, Ed Reyes, Englander, Cedillo, Huizar, PLUM, EKA, Shangri-LA industries,  Kevin Ratner, Gil Garcetti, Forest CityWest, RCAPAvenue34, Pinyon Group,  City of LA, Destroying records of Toxic dumping from the 1980's because they want to build luxury condos on the LA River for the CASP/  LA River revitalization Real estate racket in low income strugging communities.