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AVE 34 5/16 TEFRA HEARING blocked for violations

                    5/18/21 12:18 AM,    Dear City Council Clerk, City Controller Galperin, City Attorney Feuer, City Council President Martinez, HCID General Manager Sewill, Mayor Garcetti,  CSCDA , CDLAC and Xavier Becerra, This message is to inform you of a certain TEFRA hearing notice violation re:  Case File: 20-1359 , Item #4 on tomorrow's 5/18/21 LA City Council agenda,  "141 West Avenue 34 / (CSCDA) / ($105 Million TEFRA)" . This hearing does not satisfy the public approval requirement of Sec. 147(f)  of the Internal Revenue Code. This upcoming TEFRA hearing fails to meet the public notice and approval process under sec.147(f). The "public notice" for this hearing was only posted on the LA City Council agenda which was posted  to their website  on 5/14/21. Not on a public announcement page either, as required. That only gives the public FOUR DAYS NOTICE for a Tefra hearing if the hearings on the 18th. Tefra regulations have a  7 day public notice require