"We are asking stakeholders eligible to vote in the Lincoln Heights NC election to vote for the "Lincoln Heights Intel" (LHI) Slate. Platform & ballot request:
As a watchdog for local corruption and villainy ourselves, we have been huge fans/angry spectators of LHI's efforts to highlight and catalogue the local corruption of the gentrification efforts in Lincoln Heights, both from their NC and and CM Cedillo.
Their unflinching efforts to expose the the seedy underbelly of the developer>NC>Council District pipeline is exactly what we need on our NCs to break the cycle of corruption.
What the NC system needs is folks who will use their advisory role to advocate for the community and apply pressure to their CMs, not those who act as puppet extensions of development firms and the CMs in their pockets (Cedillo).
The LHI Slate will be those advocates.
If you want your NC to be an actual voice for the neighborhood, to fight against the rot that plagues our city, the Lincoln Heights Intel Slate has a proven track record of just that.
We look forward to seeing them elected and bring their agenda!"

Lincoln Heights Intel Slate for Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council 2021. Register to vote and receive a ballot for this Vote By Mail election. Deadline is April 6!
Lincoln Heights Intel Slate is running for 11 seats on our Council board. Our platform is anti gentrification, equitable land use, access to resources, racial justice and defense of the health, safety and welfare of the People of 90031. When you receive the ballot, vote for all 11 Lincoln Heights Intel Slate members.
**If you're a local:
Click the link below to register and create an account. If you Live, work, own property, or belong to an organization in Lincoln Heights, and youre over 16 yrs, you can vote by proving stakeholdership with an ID / lease or a bill and uploading it.
**If you don’t live in Lincoln Heights, but you are a member of Lincoln Heights Intel Instagram or facebook, You Can Vote as a stakeholder because you belong to our non profit community interest group. You can vote for our slate, but first we must issue you a membership card. go to the link below to register for a membership card if you are a member in good standing and we will cross check that. You will then use that card when you register for a ballot. Follow @lincolnheightsintel on instagram for the most up to date info. and follow us on here too.
click the link below for the voter application or membership card ! thank you