AVE 34 1984-1986 Toxic Waste dug up by Lincoln Heights Intel PART 1

'Intentional' Waste Dump Found in L.A.: DUMP: 'Clearly Intentional" 1984-1986  AVE 34 Toxic Waste dug up by Lincoln Heights Intel PART 1. LINCOLN HEIGHTS INTEL  re: 141 W. Ave 34 AVENUE 34, AVE 34 LINCOLN HEIGHTS 90031, Barry Groveman, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney, Toxic Waste Strike Force, Angelo Bellomo,    Ira Reiner, American Caster Corp, Carl De La Torre, Industrial Pullutors, 1984, Underground caverns with 254 corroded barrels of toxic waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, chemical dumping, destroyed records,  Gil Garcetti, Toxic Dumping, Toxic waste, 254 barrels of Toxic Waste buried at 141 w. avenue 34, Midnight Dumping, Model Cities Program, Gloria Molina, East / Northeast Economic Development Corp, East Northeast Economic Development Corp,  Los Angeles Economic Development Corp, LAEDC,  Art Snyder, Ed Reyes,  Mike Hernandez, Gil Cedillo, Eric Ortiz, Ortiz bros, Pasadena Avenue,  Lincoln Heights Industrial BID, Lincoln Heights Historic Industrial BID,

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Lincoln Heights Intel 2022 Electoral Voter Guide

Lincoln Heights Intel 2022 Electoral Voter Guide pdf here For more info go here

Gil Cedllo a no- show at 2022 Lincoln Heights CD1 Candidate forum

Gil Cedllo a no- show at 5/13/22 Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council CD1 Candidate forum at Abraham Lincoln High School. Vote Eunisses Hernandez for CD1. more info here

2022 lincoln Heights CD1 Town Hall debate. Eunisses Hernandez / Gil Cedillo. Friday May 13 7pm. Lincoln High School Auditorium

 Friday May 13 7pm- 9pm 2022 Lincoln Heights CD1 Town Hall debate.  Eunisses Hernandez / Gil Cedillo.  Friday May 13th 2022 7pm- 9pm.  Abraham Lincoln High School Auditorium.  3501 N Broadway, Los Angeles, ca 90031.  Free, open to Everyone.   Free Refreshments AGENDA      Presented by Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council  

Avenue 34 Paid Callers Transcript from 8/13/20 CPC Hearing Lincoln Heights vs. City of LA

Avenue 34 Paid Callers Transcript from 8/13/20 CPC Hearing  Communication from Public Name:  Lincoln Heights Intel Date Submitted:  05/08/2021  01:11 AM Council File No:  20-1359 .  20-1359 141 West Avenue 34 / California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) / Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA) Comments for Public Posting: Dear Hon. Councilmembers and decisionmakers, Attached you will find a transcript of the 8/13/20 Avenue 34 Appeal CPC hearing . This Transcript includes 22 paid callers whom the developer hired to drown out the voices of our community. 75 callers comented on this hearing There are two crucial things that happened during this Appeal, and we believe that Mr Cedillo has never heard this hearing, as he was not present, so we feel inclined to attach this document FOR THE RECORD. The events of significance are: 1. A caller Confessed to having been Paid by Ave 34 Developer Pinyon Group to call in and voice support of the project. We la